“I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County (IHDF) partners with Notre Dame AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service’s AmeriCorps program  to run one of the largest AmeriCorps programs in Boulder County. Sometimes referred to as the “Domestic Peace Corps,” AmeriCorps invites prospective members to “Be The Greater Good.

IHDF hosts 40 Notre Dame AmeriCorps members each year. We provide extensive professional development training and a unique team-building experience. Notre Dame AmeriCorps members serve primarily with our youth at learning sites all over Boulder County and in Weld County. They engage with students in the classroom and after school, tutoring, building relationships, and providing enriching opportunities for Dreamer Scholars. Look for IHDF Notre Dame AmeriCorps members in action on social media using the hashtags #gettingthingsdone, #NDAServes, and #bouldercountydreamers!


We recruit 40 full-time Notre Dame AmeriCorps members each year to serve with IHDF and our partner sites. The positions start in early September and go through the following July, with an option to stay for a second term.

Learn more about AmeriCorps service, and about Notre Dame AmeriCorps.

Ready to apply? Learn more about the benefits here, and check out the application process for instructions.

Have questions? Email IHDF Notre Dame AmeriCorps Site Director, Elyana Funk, or call her at 720-313-2674.

#NDAserves #gettingthingsdone 

Here are service position descriptions for Notre Dame AmeriCorps roles at IHDF:

33 IHDF Program Site AmeriCorps Members
2 IHDF Pre-Collegiate AmeriCorps Members
1 IHDF Tutor Coordinator AmeriCorps Member
1 IHDF Mentor Coordinator AmeriCorps Member
1 IHDF Events and Community Outreach AmeriCorps Member
1 Boulder Housing Partners College AmeriCorps Member

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