The “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County believes in building strong partnerships with community members to support our mission of serving children in our community. We appreciate those who are dedicated to this shared mission and recognize the valuable contribution of those who volunteer with our organization.

Learn about our current board members below.

  1. Jim Hooton, Chair 
    1st Term
    Retired CEO, Vertiba
    Boulder, Colorado
  2. Jackie Juarez, Vice-Chair 
    1st Term
    Dreamer Scholar Alumna
    University of Colorado at Boulder
  3. Jason Vallery, Secretary 
    1st Term
    Dreamer Scholar Alumnus
  4. John Ricotta, Outgoing Chair 
    2nd Term
    First Bank
  5. Danica Powell
    2nd Term
    Founding Partner, Trestle Strategy Group
  6. Christina Primeau 
    1st Term
  7. Grace Gutierrez
    1st Term
  8. Luis Garza, M.D.
    1st Term
    Tierras Garza, LLC
  9. Michael Bosma
    1st Term
    Partner, Rubicon Development
  10. Michelle Sulek
    1st Term
    Elevations Credit Union
  11. Peter Braun 
    1st Term
  12. Shannon Sackmann  
    1st Term
    Human Factor 
  13. William Barclay, Ph.D
    1st Term
    Retired, Scientist
  14. Jenny Acosta
    1st Term
    US Bank 
  15.  Erika Smith 
    1st Term
  16.  Elliott Hood 
    1st Term
    Caplan & Earnest
  17.  Max Nathenson  
    1st Term
    Community Volunteer


Board members serve for a term of three years and can serve for three consecutive terms. Each board member serves on at least one board committee.

If you are interested in becoming a board member or joining a committee, please fill out a Board of Directors Application application online.