Danny’s younger brother (left), Danny (middle), and his mom (right) at a Nuggets game pre-COVID.

Danny, a tutor with the Carbon Valley Class has been with IHDF since the Fall of 2019. Recently, he has transitioned into supporting students virtually via Webex a couple times a week! We asked Danny a few questions about his volunteering experience with us:

What do you most enjoy about volunteering with IHDF?

“Volunteering with IHDF has given me a sense of belonging to a tight-knit community that is bigger than myself. This past year has been a tough one all around, but it’s important to find light in the little things, and IHDF has given me a million of them. Plus, it’s just a ton of fun!”

What is your favorite part about virtually tutoring with the Carbon Valley class?

“Every single day, I am introduced to new phrases or new music or even the occasional new game! It feels like tutoring is as much a learning experience as a teaching one. I always struggled with online classes myself, and it’s nice to be a resource for students who may be experiencing the same difficulties.”

What advice would you give to other virtual tutors?

“Online school is hard! Sometimes the best way to refocus is to take short breaks and get distracted. Breaking up the monotony of a day of online classes with a couple minutes of conversation, games, music, or whatever is a great way to get out some energy and refocus on the assignments.”

Tell me about your most memorable experience volunteering with IHDF.

“This past semester, my most memorable experience was watching Jose, in a matter of literal seconds, disassemble an RC car, swap the batteries with an RC helicopter which wasn’t working properly, and actually get it to fly, before immediately switching gears (pun intended) to show off a model car he put together.”

Tell me how you first became involved with IHDF (what is your story)?

“I have always enjoyed tutoring, and spent a lot of time growing up trying to help friends or siblings with homework. But I had never really gotten involved doing it. I think partially to find some fulfillment in service to others, and partially because I felt it was important to do my part in helping be a resource to students who might be traditionally underrepresented, I just decided to reach out one day on a whim. In early September, 2019, Regina reached out and asked if I would be willing to volunteer with the Carbon Valley class! The rest is history. IHDF is doing important work, and I’m proud to be volunteering here.”