Dreaming Together

There’s something magical about sitting with first graders and listening to their dreams for the future. It’s a beautiful experience and we sense a profound responsibility to help make those dreams come true.

At IHDF, we are committed to turning these dreams into reality.

Every visit to our sites reminds me of the dedication and support our students receive along their journey. This journey, once they become Dreamers, spans over a decade of commitment and growth.

In my four years at IHDF, I’ve met many incredible Dreamers—from enthusiastic first graders eager to read a book or challenge you to a soccer rematch, to graduating seniors ready to take on the world. Their energy is truly contagious. If you ever want to experience this firsthand, we’d love to host you at one of our sites.

So, what’s all the excitement about at IHDF?

We’re proud to celebrate our 2024 graduates: 56 Rocky Mountain Dreamers from the St. Vrain Valley School District and 17 Oak Dreamers from the Boulder Valley School District.

Last month, we gathered to honor these scholars and the energy was incredible. We witnessed the culmination of over a decade of relationships and generous investments in the lives of these graduates and their families. It’s exciting to see their plans unfold this summer. Some are heading to college or specialized training programs, while others are joining the workforce, motivated to pursue their careers. We couldn’t be prouder of them!

To share in our excitement, please check out this short video of some of our graduates sharing their next steps!

We are also thrilled about the completion of the first year of our Mountain View cohort in Longmont! We celebrated with the community this past Saturday and are excited to recognize some key partners who made this happen: SVVSD-Timberline PK-8, City of Longmont, and City of Longmont Children, Youth, and Family Service. It’s been a remarkable first year filled with growth and excitement. (See more below)

With your help, we’ve been doing this work for over 35 years. The commitment of the Dreamers, their families, the investment of many nonprofits and school systems in our community has been amazing. We couldn’t do this work without YOU!

Together, we have moved the needle forward:

  • Graduation rates continue to grow. 
  • Enrollment into post-secondary programs continues to increase. 
  • More students and families are taking advantage of the amazing options that exist beyond high school. 

Thank you for continuing to Dream with us!

Please enjoy the latest updates as you read on. I hope that you will find the perfect way to be involved in the next few months whether that be through the golf tournament, our annual luncheon, volunteering or continuing your generous financial support.

Together, we are making a difference, and together, we will continue to move forward.

With gratitude,

Dr. Perla Delgado | CEO/Executive Director

Our Annual Golf Tournament supports our work in significant ways–and it’s just around the corner on August 19. Form your “Dream Team” now and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount by registering June 30, 2024.


Connect with business, education and nonprofit leaders from throughout Boulder County and hear about how our Dreamer Scholars and their families are “Living the Dream” that equity and access makes possible! Join us early for additional connection opportunities!

Celebrating the new class in Longmont

We're excited to celebrate the launch of a new cohort of 35 Dreamer Scholars in Longmont, in collaboration with the City of Longmont’s Division of Children, Youth and Families and Timberline PK-8. This partnership embodies our mission to support every facet of a student's life. Our work cannot be done without the dedication of the Dreamers, their families, and the many nonprofits and school systems in our community.

During the last school year, the Mountain View Dreamer Scholars embarked on a journey of growth and achievement that exemplifies their dedication and perseverance. We’ve already seen great academic growth! Students were screened across 13 different skills three times during the 1st grade and the results were nothing short of impressive.

Of those for whom we have data for the whole year, 58% of our scholars demonstrated mastery in at least 85% of the skills, showcasing their commitment to excellence. An overwhelming 93% of students, 29 out of 31, mastered from 1 to 6 new skills at every screener, highlighting their consistent progress and dedication to learning. The commitment to academic support was evident with most students receiving at least 1.5 hours of weekly math assistance during the Dreamers after-school program from September 2023 to May 2024.

This past year has been a testament to the resilience and determination of our scholars, setting a strong foundation for their future success.

Learning (and FUN!) Never Stop

Did you know that we have robust programming at all levels throughout the year? Here are a few examples of great summer programming that keep students engaged, connected and supported throughout the summer…

  • Elementary: Arts & crafts, STEAM, social/emotional and physical activity programming and many field trips to places like the Denver Zoo, Butterfly Pavilion, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and hikes.
  • Middle School: Academic programming along with volunteering; activities like a ropes course, swimming, boxing; and field trips for STEM, to museums, baseball games, zoos and lakes.
  • High School: Academic/summer school support, college visits, family parties, boxing classes and field trips to places like Water World, animal sanctuaries, fishing and a county fair.
  • Post-Secondary: Scholarship and financial aid support, “Summer Melt” transition to college workshops, alumni connections and college visits for various groups, including to CU Boulder and Denver, CSU, MSU and UNC.

Inspirational New Library for Dreamer Scholars & Community

We are excited to have the new Lopez-Martinez-Romero Peace & Justice Library available to our Dreamer Scholars, staff and community! The library already houses nearly 300 titles in English and Spanish at all age levels.

The collection features Black, Latinx and international authors illustrators, protagonists, heritage and culture. We also celebrate a diverse range of topics including: physical disability, diversity, LGBTQ+ studies and themes, indigenous people, refugee experience, and women’s history.

The library has been funded by a generous donation from Carla Maniscalco, our IDHF Director of Volunteers. The name pays homage to the courage, strength and perseverance of fourteen generations of Carla's family which has a long tradition of advocating for representation and inclusion of our communities.

To find out more about the library, please email info@ihaveadreamboulder.org.

Interested in serving Dreamer Scholars as a Learning Partner/Tutor or in joining the work of IHDF Boulder County in other ways?

We need at least 10 more Learning Partners for this fall semester across our various sites.

Click here to learn more and apply by August 1, or explore other possibilities on our Volunteer Opportunities page.