Helping Fund a Dreamer’s Education…

At “I Have A Dream” Foundation® Boulder County, our goal is to not only help Dreamer’s aspire towards a college degree, but have a stepping stone towards financial relief as they persue higher education. Dreamers have exclusive access to several scholarships provided by the foundation.


Since 1998, IHDF Boulder has awarded over $3 million in post-secondnary scholarships to low-income studnets in Boulder Country


In 2016, IHDF Boulder was awarded Colorado Department of Higher Education’s Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI)



Dreamers are eligible for a $10,000 scholarship through IHDF, which can be used over the course of four years

Applying to Scholarships

The Common Application - due July 15

To apply to any of the scholarships available, students must fill out the Common Application for “I Have a Dream” Scholarships. If a student fails to fill out this form before the deadline, they may experience delays in the disbursement of their scholarship. This form must be filled out annually. If you miss the July 15 deadline, please fill out the form and contact the College and Career department for next steps.

Tax disclaimer: scholarship money refunded to you from your school may have tax implications if used towards the cost of room and board.

What You Will Need

  • Essay: Please write a short essay about what you bring, or what you hope to bring to your postsecondary program. What strengths and skills are you most proud of, who do you lean on for support, and what do you hope to do with your education in the long term?
  • Have completed the FAFSA, and COF if eligible
  • A copy of your most recent unofficial transcript, as of today (high school or college

Scholarships Available

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