The “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County’s (IHDF) Post Secondary Department is dedicated to serving students as they pursue their academic dreams of attending college or any other post-secondary pathway. Dreamer Scholars that qualify for and signed up to be a part of our programming during their K-12 educational journey are eligible for the “I Have a Dream” scholarship. Every Dreamer Scholar accepted into our program is required to maintain active annual program participation at a specific site with a program director, keep up-to-date annual agreements signed by their legal guardians, and be enrolled in a post-secondary program within one year of their high school graduation. The team serves Dreamer Scholars, their siblings, and their parents with admissions and financial aid applications.

Currently, IHDF has several scholarships available for Dreamer Scholars including our annual IHDF Dreamer scholarship, the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI), the Dakota Soloman Scholarship (Donor), and the Las Alas Scholarship (Donor).

IHDF’s online scholarship application must be completed annually. REMEMBER: read all the eligibility requirements before applying for any scholarship.

You may email us: or call the Post Secondary Department (303-444-3636 ext. 111) with any questions.

SUMMER 2024 Scholarship:

The SUMMER 2024 application is now available. The DEADLINE to apply is Friday, May 3, 2024, by 5pm.
*Forms received after this date will have delays in processing. Eligible applicants should have an email with more information. You may also contact a team member to receive your assigned Dreamer ID # and the online link to apply. 

2024 – 2025 Scholarships:

At this time the 2024-2025 IHDF Scholarship Application is currently NOT AVAILABLE. Due to delays in Federal and State Financial Aid review, we will wait to open the application. 


Past Scholarships: (2023-2024)

“I Have A Dream” Scholarship 

  • This scholarship is available to:
    • Graduates from the: Iris, Phoenix, Broadway East, Griffin & Aspen classes
  • This scholarship is up to $10,000 ($2500/year) for bachelor’s degrees (other programs/degrees may have different annual amounts)

Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI)

  • This scholarship is available to:
    • Dreamer Scholars
    • Dreamer Scholar Siblings
    • Dreamer Scholar Parent/Guardians
    • Partner Agency students:  FOR 2023/2024 ONLY – Boulder Housing Partners, Adelante, AVID @ BHS
  • For undergraduate degrees at designated Colorado Higher Education Institutions
  • This scholarship has a State SAI eligibility requirement (from the FAFSA/CASFA, if CASFA the student must be classified as ASSET via the college)
  • This scholarship ranges from: $750-$4,000 ***Limited funding & is first come first served

Dakota Solomon Memorial Scholarship – CLOSED, recipients selected

  • This scholarship is available to:
    • Dreamer Scholars ONLY
  • This is a one year scholarship
  • Scholarship is for a minimum of $1,000, but it varies based on the number of qualified applicants
  • This scholarship has three short answer questions as part of the application process.

Las Alas Para Volar Scholarship – CLOSED, recipients selected

  • This scholarship is available for:
    • Dreamer Scholar Siblings
    • Partner Agency students: Boulder Housing Partners, Adelante, AVID (@ BHS)
  • This is a one year scholarship
  • For undergraduate students who are classified as Colorado ASSET (for students that can ONLY QUALIFY FOR THE CASFA)
  • Scholarship is for a minimum of $1,000, but it varies based on the number of qualified applicants
  • This scholarship has three short answer questions as part of the application process.

Standard Scholarships Requirements:

There are several requirements to submit the online application:  

  • Information needed:
    • If re-applying, you will need a Dream ID from the Post Secondary team.
    • College attending information, including your student ID.
    • Social Security Number
  • Uploads required:
    • A file or screenshot of your Student aid Index (SAI) from FAFSA/CASFA is REQUIRED
      • Complete the FAFSA or CASFA (click here for a step-by-step CASFA guide from MSU Denver) – If not completed contact the Post Secondary team to help you complete and submit.
    • A file or screenshot of your unofficial transcription is REQUIRED

At the time of submission students must agree to:

  • Keep IHDF updated with current contact information, which includes email, phone number(s), and preferred address. 
  • Apply for financial aid and have a complete financial aid award account with your college. 
  • Maintain scholarship requirements which may include: 2.0 college GPA and meeting academic and financial aid SAP policy. 
    1. ***If you have any concerns about your current SAP standing, please contact the Post Secondary team.
  • Students are REQUIRED to submit an online check-in form every semester they are enrolled, or IHDF will put a hold on future payments.
  • If you are a first time attending student, you are REQUIRED to complete a verbal check-in each semester (in addition to the online check-in).

If a student does not fulfill these scholarship requirements, they will lose their scholarship eligibility. To reinstate scholarship eligibility, students will have to go through IHDF’s appeal process.

Scholarships Review Process:

Scholarship Review Process:

  1. The Post Secondary team will review applications after the May 5, 2023 deadline. 
    1. If Incomplete, you will receive an email requesting the missing information. You may be provided an extended time to submit the following:
      1. Missing Unofficial Transcript
      2. Missing Financial Aid SAI (Student Aid Index). This can be found on the FAFSA or CASFA financial aid account.
  2. For complete applications, the team will issue an award letter(s), which will be sent to the email listed on the application. 
    1. If you are applying to a private educational program, Post Secondary staff will reach out to verify details for processing the scholarship funds.

After award notices are sent, IHDF will send the scholarship funds to the college and/or program listed on your application, beginning in July. IHDF never provides funds directly to the student. Once your college/program receives the funds, they will apply and distribute the scholarship according to their policy. Be aware that colleges have their own scholarship disbursement policies.