The 2020 New COSI Scholarship is awarding 7 scholarships of $3,000 per year.
If you are a student who has previously received COSI Scholarship funds, you are ineligible for this scholarship.
Please note the following eligibility requirements for COSI:
- Must be entering a Colorado Public Institution as a first-time student for the 2020/2021 academic year OR have proof of ASSET through your institution
- Must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA
- If a citizen, permanent resident, or DACA student, you must provide your social security # upon scholarship disbursement
  • Note, cannot exceed 24 MB.
  • Note, cannot exceed 24 MB
  • Please Note

    *** IMPORTANT: In order to fulfill the requirements set by the State of Colorado for the COSI Scholarship Funds, students accepting funds will be REQUIRED to check-in with the College & Career Department AT LEAST ONCE per semester. ***
  • Acknowledgment

    Once you have completed this COSI Application and have been awarded COSI Scholarship Funds, you will be required to contact the College & Career Department for the actual disbursement of scholarship funds. A Google Form survey will be sent at the beginning of each semester to acquire your information.

    - Transcripts from the previous semester
    - An ITEMIZED tuition bill from your academic institution showing State (COF) & Federal Aid (Pell Grant) applied to it
    - Social Security Number
    - Copy of receipts for any school related supplies and expenses

    REMINDER: Recipients have a 6 year period to use COSI funds from time of initial award

    The "I Have A Dream" website mentions 5 additional scholarships (Dalton John Bane, Mary Hester, Boulder Housing Partners, Boulder Valley Rotary, and Premier Members Credit Union) that can be awarded through the COSI application. Please note, these scholarships may include additional requirements if you receive them - such as, writing a short bio of yourself, speaking to the organization at an event or filming a video, sending a thank you card, etc.

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