If you are a student who has previously received COSI Scholarship funds, please complete this form.
Please note the following eligibility requirements for COSI:
- Must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA (if under a 2.0, please reach out to cosi@ihaveadreamboulder.org)
- Must attend a Colorado public institution
- Must be a citizen or permanent resident and provide social security # upon scholarship disbursement

The deadline to submit is September 5, 2020.
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  • Please Note

    *** IMPORTANT: In order to fulfill the requirements set by the State of Colorado for the COSI Scholarship Funds, students accepting funds will be REQUIRED to check-in with the College & Career Department AT LEAST ONCE per semester. ***
  • Acknowledgment

    Once you have completed this Returning COSI Application and have been awarded COSI Scholarship Funds, you will be required to contact the College & Career Department for the actual disbursement of scholarship funds. A Google Form survey will be sent at the beginning of each semester to acquire your information.

    - Transcripts from the previous semester
    - An ITEMIZED tuition bill from your academic institution showing State (COF) & Federal Aid (Pell Grant) applied to it
    - Social Security Number
    - Copy of receipts for any school related supplies and expenses

    REMINDER: Recipients have a 6 year period to use COSI funds from time of initial award

    The "I Have A Dream" website mentions additional scholarships that can be awarded through the COSI application. Please note, these scholarships may include additional requirements if you receive them - such as, writing a short bio of yourself, speaking to the organization at an event or filming a video, sending a thank you card, etc.

    By signing my name below, I confirm that I understand and agree to these requirements. (Please type your name below) *
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