Mindy & Marc Liebman College & Vocational Program Scholarships

The Mindy and Marc Liebman Scholarship Foundation is looking for students in need of financial support to further their education beyond high school graduation. This may encompass attendance at a 4-year college, 2-year college, post-high school technical or career training programs, or other training programs that will prepare the candidate for a productive career.
The recipient(s) will receive a $1,000 scholarship a year for up to four years that may be used for any costs related to the program in which they are enrolled. In addition, recipients will receive a computer and printer. If needed, this may be provided immediately or deferred to when the recipient makes a request. Additional funding may also be available for required books, lab expenses, and unexpected school related programs and/or materials.
The deadline for application is June 26th, 2020.
Please note the following eligibility requirements:
- Must be entering a college or vocational program as a first-time student for the 2020/2021 academic year - Must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to renew the scholarship in multiple-year programs.

-A budget of your expected expenses and income must be submitted as part of this application. Please use the BUDGET TEMPLATE as part of this application and upload the completed into the form below.

-The Liebman Family would like to meet the scholarship recipients at a time and place that is convenient for the student, which "I Have A Dream" staff will coordinate.
  • Note, cannot exceed 24 MB.
  • Note, cannot exceed 24 MB
  • Please Note

    *** IMPORTANT: In order to fulfill the requirements set by this scholarship, students accepting funds will be REQUIRED to check-in with the College & Career Department AT LEAST ONCE per semester. ***
  • Acknowledgment

    Once you have completed this application and have been awarded the funds, you will be required to contact the College & Career Department for the actual disbursement of scholarship funds. A Google Form survey will be sent at the beginning of each semester to acquire your information.

    - Transcripts from the previous semester
    - An ITEMIZED tuition bill from your academic institution showing State (COF) & Federal Aid (Pell Grant) applied to it
    - Social Security Number or ASSET number
    - Copy of receipts for any school related supplies and expenses

    Please note, this scholarship may include additional requirements such as participation at an event or filming a video, sending a thank you card, etc.

    By signing my name below, I confirm that I understand and agree to these requirements. (Please type your name below) *
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