HOW TO APPLY for the Fall 2024/2025 IHDF Scholarships:

The Post Secondary Department is dedicated to helping students pursue their academic dreams of attending college or another post-secondary opportunity.  For any support or questions contact the team: or call the (303-444-3636 ext. 111). More detailed information on each scholarship is found on our website.

Fall 2024 – Spring 2025
“I Have A Dream” Foundation Scholarships

Application information requirements:

    • A DREAM ID is required to apply. A team member may provide this for you. If you are re-applying, you may have this from a prior year’s application or email
    • College attending information, including your student ID
    • Degree information
    • Social Security Number
    • Recent transcript, showing your Cumulative GPA


  1. Dreamer Scholarship is for “I Have A Dream Foundation” Dreamer Scholars only. When you indicate you are a Dreamer Scholar you will be considered for both Dreamer & COSI scholarships automatically.
  2. Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) Scholarship  WAITLIST is ACTIVE – Priority Deadline was June 12, 2024 
    • Active Dreamer Scholar – automatic consideration
    • Active Dreamer siblings 
    • Active Dreamer parents
    • Partner students (Adelante, AVID, and Boulder Housing Partners – only renewal applicants who received scholarships in 2023/2024. No new applicants)
  3. Donor Scholarships: No Longer available DEADLINE was June 12:
    ***Optional and requires a response to three short answer questions.

    1. Dakota Solomon – Active Dreamer Scholar – automatic consideration
    2. Las Alas – Active Dreamer Scholar – automatic consideration
    3. Questions:
      1. Describe a past experience in which you have shown leadership?
      2. What are your educational and career goals and aspirations?
      3. What strengths from your past experiences do you think will help you in college?

***Priority for COSI and Donor Scholarship 

  • Application tips:
    • There is an online application.
    • The application is intuitive – it will provide questions based on your responses.
    • The application does not save or allow you to return to where you may have stopped.
    • This application will only allow you to choose one college/university.
    • This application will only allow you to choose one semester.
      • If you apply for fall, our team will process spring automatically.