HOW TO APPLY for the SUMMER 2024 COSI Scholarship:

The Post Secondary Department is dedicated to helping students pursue their academic dreams of attending college or another post-secondary opportunity.  For any support or questions contact the team: or call the (303-444-3636 ext. 111).

2024 SUMMER Scholarship:

This summer we are excited to have COSI funding. Below you will find the criteria and information:

  • Enrollment & Eligibility requirement:
    • 6 credit hours minimum.
      • A file or screenshot of your SUMMER ENROLLMENT is REQUIRED. This must list the term and or the start/end date of the courses.
    • For undergraduate degrees at designated Colorado Higher Education Institutions
    • This scholarship has a EFC/SAI eligibility requirement (from the FAFSA/CASFA, if CASFA the student must be classified as ASSET via the college) 
      • From the 2023-2024 Financial Aid application.
  • Amounts available:
    • 4 yr University = $1500
    • 2 yr Community College = $750
  • Information needed:
    • A DREAM ID is required to apply. A team member may provide this for you. If you are re-applying, you may have this from a prior year’s application.
    • College attending information, including your student ID.
    • Social Security Number
  • Deadline: May 3, 2024
    • Application review on Fridays, beginning on April 19th thru the deadline.
    • Award letters will be sent to all applicants if approved.
  • Application tips:
    • There is an online application.
    • The application is intuitive – it will provide questions based on your responses.
    • The application does not save or allow you to return to where you may have stopped.
    • This application will only allow you to choose one semester.
      • If you apply for fall, our team will notify you that we can create a spring application automatically.