I Have A Dream is not only supporting the Dreamer Scholars but also their families. Without their support we could not do the work we do. I Have A Dream no solo apoya a los Dreamer Scholars sino también a sus familias. Sin su apoyo no podríamos hacer el trabajo que hacemos.

Program Directors will host parents and caregiver meetings, make home visits, and provide support during parent-teacher conferences. Our staff will help parents and caregivers advocate for their children. Parent/Caregiver Leadership Councils help increase parent and caregiver involvement and lead certain programming. Los directores del programa organizarán reuniones de padres y cuidadores, harán visitas domiciliarias y brindarán apoyo durante las conferencias de padres y maestros. Nuestro personal ayudará a los padres y cuidadores a defender a sus hijos. Los Consejos de Liderazgo de Padres/Cuidadores ayudan a aumentar la participación de los padres y cuidadores y dirigen ciertos programas.

Advancing Families Program

The College and Career Department is currently supporting the Advancing Families Program. This program is providing us the chance to encourage and empower parents, dreamer alumni, and dreamer siblings with resources, support, and programming. Our families are a part of a growing and changing community. Now is the chance for families to invest in their future.

This program can help with:

  • Learning English
  • GED programs
  • New education programs and training

At this time we are accepting applications. Click ==> AFP website <==

For questions you can reach Jose Jimenez (speaks Spanish) via email: Jose.Jimenez@IHaveADreamBoulder.org

El departamento de Colegios y Carreras apoya el programa de Familias Avanzando. Este programa nos brinda la oportunidad de alentar y capacitar a los padres, alumnos soñadores y hermanos soñadores con recursos, apoyo y programación. Nuestras familias son parte de una comunidad creciente y cambiante. Ahora es la oportunidad para que la familia invierta en su futuro.

Este programa puede ayudar con:

    • Clases de inglés
    • Programas de GED
    • Nuevos programas de educación y entrenamientos

En este momento estamos aceptando solicitudes. Visita la pagina AFP ==> AFP <==

Para preguntas puede comunicarse con Jose Jimenez (habla español) por coreo electrónico: Jose.Jimenez@IHaveADreamBoulder.org

Parent/Caregiver Classes (Fall Coming Soon)


This program will give you the opportunity to improve your connection with your children and understand how the way you were raised, your culture, and your beliefs impact the way you are raising your children. We recommend that if you haven’t taken a parent/caregiver class yet that you start with this one. Food and childcare is provided.


DARE to be You (DTBY) is an award-winning, evidence-based family program that empowers youth, families, and communities. DARE to be You means: D – decision-making and reasoning skills, A – assertiveness and social skills, R – responsibility and E – effectiveness, self-esteem and others. This class is for parents/caregivers and their children age 8-11.  Food and childcare is provided.



Active Parenting of Teens is a comprehensive program where parents will learn skills that will give them the confidence and courage to handle the challenges and enjoy the joys of their children’s adolescence. This class if for parents/caregivers of teens. Food and childcare is provided.


INCENTIVES: All participants are eligible to receive gift cards at the end of each parenting class series.

If you have questions about any of our Parent/Caregiver Classes please contact Ana Lilia Lujan Castillo (analilia.lujanc@ihaveadreamboulder.org) | 720-495-5311