The “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County serves more than 750 Dreamer Scholars and guests, including services to over 100 Dreamer Scholar Alumni as they transition to and through post-secondary education.

IHDF has 13 active Dreamer Scholar Classes in Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts throughout Boulder County in Longmont, Lafayette, Boulder, and Carbon Valley.

We’re always raising funds to serve additional youth. With nearly 17,000 youth in Boulder County qualifying for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch program, the need for “I Have A Dream” is greater than ever!

For more information on how you can change a life and become a Dreamer Scholar sponsor, please contact Lori Canova.



Phoenix Class @ Boulder High School

The Phoenix Class launched in 2010 with 60 students in the second grade at Columbine Elementary School in Boulder. The class now includes 70 Dreamer Scholars who now attend Boulder High School and are on-target to graduate in 2020.

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Griffin Class @ Centaurus High School

Launched in 2012, the Ryan Class and Eagle Class combined to create the Griffin Class when they entered middle school. These Dreamer Scholars now attend Centaurus High School in Lafayette and will start graduating in 2020.

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Aspen Class @ Skyline High School

Launched in 2013, the Aspen Class with 60 students from the Aspen Meadows housing site and Spangler Elementary in Longmont. These Dreamer Scholars recently started high school at Skyline High School.

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Rocky Mountain Class @ Trail Ridge Middle School

The Rocky Mountain Class launched in 2014. These Dreamer Scholars are now 8th graders at Trail Ridge Middle School in Longmont.

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Oak Class @ Casey Middle School

The Oak Class is serving 64 Dreamer Scholars. Originally drawing from the Red Oak Housing Community site and Columbine Elementary, the class was launched in September 2014. These Dreamer Scholars now attend Casey Middle School.

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Elk Class @ Kalmia Housing Site

The Elk Class was launched in Fall 2016, and serves 60 students in Boulder Housing Partners’ Housing sites. Their home base is the Kalmia and Casey Housing Community Site. These Dreamer Scholars are in 5th and 6th grade.

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Diagonal Class @ Diagonal Court Housing Site

The Diagonal Class launched in 2018 with 55 Dreamer Scholars. These students live at Boulder Housing Partners’ Diagonal Court and northern housing sites and attend elementary schools in the Boulder Valley School District. This site is also a Health Equity-focused site, in partnership with the City of Boulder’s Health Equity Fund.

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Broadway East Class @ Broadway East Housing Site

The Broadway East Class was launched in 2019 serves 45 students from the Broadway East and northern housing sites from Boulder Housing Partners. These students are currently in Casey Middle School and Boulder High School in the 8th-12th grades.. This class is a partnership with Boulder Housing Partners and is an outgrowth of the Iris Dreamer Class. This site is also a Health Equity-focused site, in partnership with the City of Boulder’s Health Equity Fund.

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Carbon Valley @ Thunder Valley K–8

The Carbon Valley Class was launched in Fall 2016, and serves 60 Dreamer Scholars at Thunder Valley K–8 in Frederick, CO. This is the first and currently only class in Weld County, an intentional expansion within the St. Vrain Valley School District, a long-time partner of “I Have A Dream”. These Dreamer Scholars are now sixth graders.

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Alicia Sanchez Classes @ Alicia Sanchez International Elementary School

The first Alicia Sanchez Class, formerly known as the La Vista Class, launched in 2017 with first graders. In 2018, a second class launched with second graders. These kids are now in the third grade. These 88 Alicia Sanchez Dreamer Scholars are now in the third and fourth grades.

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