Aspen Class @ Skyline High School, Longmont

The Aspen Class currently serves 60 Dreamer Scholars. It launched in 2013 with students from the Aspen Meadows Housing Site and Spangler Elementary in Longmont. These Dreamer Scholars went on to attend Timberline K-8 and are currently enrolled in high school at Skyline High School where they are now 12th graders! They are set to graduate in May 2023!

Program Director Seth explains a typical week with the class: “We have in school class 2 to 3 times per week. Each class is 90 minutes with 30-45 minutes focused on a variety of lessons and the rest of the time is independent academic work. After school we have drop in academic help twice a week for 2 hours and the other 3 days we do Dreamers initiated activities like watching movies, service learning, field trips, hang out, small group trips, eating contest etc.”

When asked what makes the Aspen Class unique, Seth says, “The Aspen Class has a real focus on community and Dreamer voice as we work together to shape our program and create a space where all Dreamers know where they fit in and belong. We also love to bet on just about anything from who will die next in a horror movie, how long someone’s “bathroom” break will take, if a dreamer can only whisper for the 90 minute class, who can eat the most crickets, etc.”

Aspen has a number of needs including outdoor gear including winter gear like snowshoes, gift certificate to restaurants, and popcorn! Email Seth ( for more info.

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