Carbon Valley Class @ Frederick High School, Frederick, CO

The Carbon Valley Class started in Fall 2016 and is now serving 45 Dreamer Scholars at Frederick High School in Frederick, CO. This is the first and currently only class in Weld County, an intentional expansion within the St. Vrain Valley School District, a long-time partner of “I Have A Dream”. This makes this cohort unique; as Program Director Aurora Santos said, “With a lot of things located far away, we sometimes have to be creative with connecting to resources.”

Program Director Aurora Santos describes a typical week with Carbon Valley, “We focus on academics, tutoring and homework help. Then the last part of program is an enrichment activity or small group discussions about the middle schooler experience and how to get through it.”

These Dreamer Scholars are now 9th graders and are set to graduate high school in May 2026.

Carbon Valley has a number of items on their wish list including any 9th books to revive our library with; always unique art supplies like pastels and heavy duty paper; and Stylus Pens as the students use iPads frequently. For more information, email Program Director Aurora Santos at

Carbon Valley also has a need more for volunteers, including tutors with small-group or middle-school experience as well as mentors. To learn more about volunteering, click here.

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