Griffin Class @ Centaurus Boulder High School, Lafayette

Launched in 2012, the Ryan and Eagle Classes combined to create the Griffin Class when they entered middle school. These Dreamer Scholars now attend Centaurus High School in Lafayette in the 12th graders during 2022-2023 school year. The Griffin Class has celebrated two graduated classes, in 2020 & 2021. They attend programming during a dedicated school-day class period and after-school programming as they prepare for their post-secondary education.

In former Program Director Mario’s words, “Griffin has the advantage of being an elective class that our Dreamer Scholars can take during their school days so that we may offer a wide range of curriculum from academic success skills to general wellness. After school we offer two options to the scholars. We have a room dedicated purely to academics with tutors available to help with a variety of subjects. In our other section we offer enrichment in various forms. We can range from Boys/Girls group to clubs dedicated to art, movies, and cooking!”

Griffin has a need for graphing calculators and Chromebooks. Email Brian ( for more info.


Brian Rocha, Interim Program Director

Centaurus High School | 303-444-3636 |