Oak Class @ Casey Middle School, Boulder

The Oak Class currently serves 70 Dreamer Scholars. It started in September 2014 as a community partnership initiative with a number of partners including Boulder Housing Partners. Originally drawing from the Red Oak Housing Community Site and Columbine Elementary, these Dreamer Scholars are now in high school at Boulder High School, and other campuses around the Boulder Valley School District. The Oak class has current 10th and 11th graders. They are expected to graduate high school in May 2024 and May 2025.

Program Director Juan explains what a typical day looks like, “Everyday at Oak students work with tutors to meet their personal goals, receive support with executive functioning skills, complete current and missing assignments, and work on reading comprehension and fluency.”

When asked what makes Oak different, Juan said,We are working towards making after school programming feel more relaxing by incorporating frequent and short brain breaks that students love!”

Oak has a number of needs including: noise cancelling headphones, attachable exercise bands for chairs as a non-distracting fidget item, Moe’s BBQ/Starbucks/Sweet Cow gift cards, and books. Please refer to their wish list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UT9EDEc5HC0AkQM9GmBkv16R1FcYApe6mnMONC-XTXY/edit?usp=sharing

In addition, Oak still needs volunteers to work with students one on one in our after school programming on homework and literacy! We would love 10-15 more. Learn more about volunteering here!

Site Team 

Dr. Juan Jimenez-Diaz, Program Director

Casey Middle School | 720-561-2514 | tracy.leffingwell@ihaveadreamboulder.org

Matthew Liggins, Program Coordinator

Casey Middle School | matthew.liggins@ihaveadreamboulder.org