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The first Alicia Sanchez Class, formerly known as the La Vista Class, launched in 2017 with first graders. In 2018, a second class launched with second graders. These kids are now in the third grade. These 88 Alicia Sanchez Dreamer Scholars are now in the third and fourth grades.  After Alicia Sanchez Elementary School, they will continue on their Dreamer Scholar journey at Angevine Middle School and Centaurus High School. They are set to graduate high school in May 2028 and May 2029.

Program Director Lupita Crespo shares a typical week, “A week with the Alicia Sanchez Dreamer Scholars is packed with activities. Monday and Thursday we focus on free reading and homework help. Tuesdays we do engineering with CU Boulder and on Wednesdays we do Pottery with Studio Arts Boulder and cooking class.”

Our Dreamer Scholars at Alicia Sanchez are in need of iPads. Contact Lupita ( or Sonia ( for more details.  We also need more mentors for our students here. To learn more, click here.

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