IHDF’s 2Generational (2Gen) programming

A unique, one of a kind holistic approach, our 2Gen model focuses on the family as a whole. Through our two programs: Dreamer Scholar Programming and Advancing Families we work with the family unit as a whole, rather than just youth, so that we can impact the long-term education and financial security for multiple generations of each family we serve.

Our 2Gen program consists of the following:

Dreamer Scholar Programming

Elementary School:

  1. Academic support that aligns with district standards on reading, writing, and math curriculum.

  2. Exploration of familial, cultural, and ethnic identities via our social justice and ethnic studies curriculum.

  3. A curriculum which includes studying the accomplishments of Black, indigenous, people of color brilliance.

  4. Leadership and self-advocacy skills that encourage regular feedback from students to continuously inform programming.

Middle School:

  1. Academic support that aligns with district standards on reading, writing, and math curriculum.

  2. More in-depth curriculum about key civil rights movements and advances.

  3. Curriculum focuses on understanding civic engagement, volunteering, and ways Dreamer scholars can make a difference in society.

  4. Leadership development focused on organizing and coordinating summer programming.

High School:

  1. Academic support that aligns with district standards on reading, writing, and math curriculum.

  2. Strategies to hone their social-emotional and self-regulation skills while focusing on academic success, goal setting, entrepreneurship, postsecondary enrollment, and career goals.

  3. College visits expose FirstGen Dreamer Scholars to college campuses and resources and to help them envision it as a place where they belong.

  4. Develop skills in career exploration, resume and interviewing preparation for internships.

College and Career:

  1. Build successful pathways in Dreamer Scholars’ post-secondary endeavors by leveraging local partnerships with universities, colleges and post-secondary programs.

  2. Participation in postsecondary education & career exploration, campus tours, job shadows, paid internships, SAT/ACT preparation, FAFSA support, application support, scholarship management.

  3. Long-term guidance from our College & Career Post-Secondary Retention Coaches to ensure success in completing college, vocational training, and starting a meaningful career.

Advancing Families

Adult Learners:

  1. Determine an academic, vocational, job training, and job readiness plan in accordance with the adult learners goals.

  2. Provide academic instruction as needed via volunteer and paid tutors.

  3. Support adult learners in obtaining paid internships with local businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies.

  4. Provide participants with workforce development training and professional development opportunities.

  5. Parents will be provided with opportunities to acquire necessary information, knowledge, and skills to support their children’s education at home and in school.

Become a Dreamer Scholar Sponsor

Provide life-changing opportunities for Dreamer Scholars from 1st grade through college with a 360° degree wrap-around program including:

    • Dedicated Program Director for the entire length of the program
    • In-school and after-school programming
    • Sports and enrichment
    • Mentoring
    • Paid Internships
    • Post-Secondary Scholarship

Financial Commitment: A donation of $8,000 per year (or $667 per month) for 5 years will provide academic and social and emotional support for a new class. This donation level breaks down to about $22 per day and helps us work towards a collective sponsorship of a new Dreamer Scholar class of 40-45 students. We will work with you to set up a payment plan that fits your schedule. If you are interested in becoming a Dreamer Scholar Sponsor, please contact Perla Delgado at (303) 444-3636 or e-mail perla.delgado@ihaveadreamboulder.org Dreamer Scholar sponsorships are eligible for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit. For more information please click here

Your Participation:

As a Dreamer Scholar Sponsor you are invited to be a part of the incredible class journey starting with the Dreamer Class Dedication Ceremony and culminating with their graduation celebration. We will invite you to attend class updates twice a year, and volunteer opportunities are available where you may develop a personal relationship with the Dreamer Scholars.

Sponsor a Class of Dreamer Scholars

Becoming a Class Sponsor is an amazing way to impact the lives of 40-45 youth (and their families) in either the Boulder Valley or St. Vrain School Districts. We are seeking people and businesses to provide the “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County with funding over a ten-year period to sponsor an entire Dreamer Scholar class, providing life changing opportunities from 1st grade through college.

Financial Commitment:

You can become a Class Sponsor in two ways:

      1.  As sole Class Sponsor, donate $1,500,000 over the next 10 years.
      2.  As one of a group of 10 sponsors, donate $15,000 a year over the next 10 years.

Your generous giving provides Dreamer Scholar Program Support, including tutoring, mentoring, summer programming, academic, recreational and cultural programs, transportation, scholarship, a dedicated program director and AmeriCorps members.

If you are interested in sponsoring a class, either as a sole Class Sponsor, or as a contributor to a group of sponsors, please call our central office at (303) 444-3636 or email perla.delgado@ihaveadreamboulder.org.

Dreamer Scholar Class sponsorships are eligible for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit, which allows both individuals and companies to donate up to $200,000 per year to qualify for the 50% state tax credit. For more information please click here.


Benefits: We offer sole Dreamer Scholar Class Sponsors class naming rights (subject to board approval). Class names are be featured in our office, website, marketing materials, and events. You can be involved as much as your schedule permits but we will keep you posted on the class journey each step of the way! We will invite you to the Dreamer Class Dedication Ceremony, which gathers all the Dreamer Scholars and their families so that each child can share their Dreams and commitment to work hard towards their goals.  We hold a graduation celebration for each class and we continue providing post- graduation updates. We will schedule class updates with you and coordinate opportunities for you to get to know the Dreamer Scholars.


  • “Apart from raising my own kids, sponsoring a class of Dreamer Scholars is what I am most proud of in my life” – Midge Korczak