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We know there are many options to choose from to offer your time and service to the community. Thank you for choosing “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County! We believe effective and successful volunteer management and supervision is essentially about building relationships. It’s about supporting our volunteers with getting a handle on what they are supposed to be doing, communicating when they are doing well, and coaching them and providing direction when they need it. IHDF volunteers are a key part of our organization, and they deserve to be appreciated for all their enthusiasm and hard work. It is important to show that we value their time, commitment, and effort. Most volunteers devote their time because they’re motivated by the mission. To sustain that dedication and motivation, however, they need to feel appreciated. It’s important to implement dedicated systems for recognizing our volunteers to effectively show our gratitude for their impact. Volunteer recognition and appreciation is an organization-wide responsibility. A simple “thank you” goes a long way!

Although we appreciate the interest shown by each applicant, we cannot guarantee a position for everyone. In this case, your application will be kept active for six months should an opportunity arise that could potentially be a good fit with your experience, skills, and motivation. A team member will contact you if a position more suitable to your skills becomes available.

IHDF is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Applicants are expected to explain and demonstrate their commitment to these values. 

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Volunteer Intake Timeframe

Learning Partners/Tutors

  • Summer Semester Volunteers: Apply February thru May to be considered for placement in June 
  • Fall Semester Volunteers: Apply June thru September to be considered for placement in September/October
  • Spring Volunteers: Apply September thru January 15th to be considered for placement in January
    *Fall 2023 End of Semester Survey Report

Current Opportunities: 


WORK STUDY OPPORTUNITIES are available for eligible students who have been awarded work study through their financial aid package. All awards will be verified before a job offer is made. Roles vary depending on the institution’s requirements.

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Earn course credit supporting students as a Learning Partner/Tutor! Must be sponsored by your professor or institution. 

MENTOR A DREAMER SCHOLAR ONE-ON-ONE as a “Precious Mentor.” IHDF partners With A Precious Child to match Dreamer Scholars with a mentor – Learn more  (you will be redirected to A Precious Child’s website). *Make sure to say you were referred from IHDF and you’d like to be matched with a Dreamer Scholar on their waitlist.







Fill out the Volunteer Application